Über Marcelo

Marcelo Gutiérrez Franco

Marcelo Gutiérrez Franco was born in Jinotepe, Nicaragua. He studied "Social Work and Development Management" at Universidad Centroamericana (UCA, Managua, 2008-2012), during that time he developed some initiatives related to environmental preservation and ecological awareness processes. In the framework of the Twinning of Masaya & Dietzenbach he shared his experience as an environmentalist with German students (Germany, 2010).

Since 2012, he ventured decidedly into the design and elaboration of mosaics in a self-taught way. He has subsequently diversified into this artistic expression: today he intervenes on walls, floors, sculptures, flower pots and other surfaces, including those made of fiberglass that he molds.

He had broaden his perspectives on the possibilities of mosaic as an artistic communication through his approach and participation in the workshop-studio of the painter, mosaicist and musical composer Frank Somarriba (Managua, 2015). Marcelo Gutiérrez has specialized in the design of original sketches that he then applies to utility items or uses as interior and exterior decoration elements.