Each piece within a whole

Monday 6th June 2016 por Malva Izquierdo

When Marcelo Gutiérrez was a child, his father's paintings surrounded him, but it was not until recently that he managed to find his own passion through mosaics.

At 26 he has found the ideal job: he is passionate about it, it makes him happy and little by little it bears fruit. You can spend more than 8 hours "locked" in your work and that's when time goes too fast.

“I started 3 years ago, I had a friend who was making one and I helped her for about half an hour, then I arrived enthusiastically at my mother's house in Masaya and then she ordered me one on the stairs at home. That was my first mosaic and it's still there”, he recalls.

Although he lived 13 years in Masaya and some of that time in Managua, he declares himself from Jinotepe where he currently is from. He studied Social Work at UCA, Managua, and he has worked on environmental and social issues. But for 2 years he took a big step in his life by starting his own business making mosaics.

“Thanks to this, I have developed a lot of patience, not only when making mosaics, but in different aspects of life. I got into this completely without knowing how I was going to do it financially, but I said this is what I want to do and it was hard times, but now I'm seeing results and every day I have more work. Now, I only dedicate myself to this all the time”, he emphasizes.

The designs he makes are by his own and unique, also. He has always liked arts, he reads a lot of poetry and his father is an abstract painter, so art was present throughout his life, so that he is very observant and creative.

“I am working with fiberglass, also with clay, on walls or pots. I have made tiles that are portable, easier to move. The ceramic is cut piece by piece, it is not done with a pliers or a hammer, so the design when working with the ceramic has to be perfect with the previous sketch. I have done other works with sea stones, with coffee, etc.”, he adds.

Among future plans, he would like to learn how to make stained glass windows and then sculptures, but step by step. He is also struck by the mosaic portraits to which he plans to dedicate himself soon. On the other hand, on July 27 he will hold the first of the 3 exhibitions he has planned for this year. The appointment this time is at La Casa de los Tres Mundos in Granada, Nicaragua.

"I will bring flower pots, paintings, mirrors and I want to see what else I could put, I'm thinking on working about some surprises for that day", he says.

And for young people who want to start their own adventure working on what makes them happy, Marcelo believes that being afraid is normal, but the key is not to stay in the comfort zone. “You have to do things, believe in yourself and if it goes wrong, it is normal, but that curiosity and perseverance cannot be lost. You have to believe in yourself and feel that you can, you put limitations on yourself, you have to jump out and love what you are doing because if it is not like that, then you better not do it”, he emphasizes.